Professional Orthodontists
In Alpharetta 

We understand the warming effect a bright, wide smile has on others. That cannot be possible though if your teeth or jaws are malpositioned.

That’s why we are committed to helping you simultaneously improve your oral health and self-confidence through our high-quality diagnosis, prevention and correction procedures.

Our Orthodontics Alpharetta Services

We provide several orthodontics services in Alpharetta.  Bruxism, for instance, is a common problem among many individuals in the dental world that orthodontists have realized. The orthodontics field has over the years broadened for the purpose of cosmetics beyond teeth straightening.  And we have  new techniques to handle this involving the overall facial structure.

Specialized Braces

We feature speed self-ligating system of braces that helps in reducing the general time of treatment and total general visits to orthodontists  to up to 40% as compared to other conventional braces.

Invisalign Clear Aligners

Straighten your teeth by the use of a series of custom-made aligner trays that are clear. Your teeth are shifted gradually with gentle pressure and rotation of them is done after a period of two weeks.  

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Surgical Treatment

Used to correct severe cases. Problems treated include severe overjet, severe malocclusions, underbite, and abnormalities with the jaw bone. The treatment helps in aligning the jaw in the right way possible.

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Highly Trained and Experienced Orthodontists 

For lasting results to be achieved on any orthodontic treatment, the procedures and equipment used must be up to standard. And our clinic is
committed to delivering nothing less than excellence when it comes to that.

Our team consists of orthodontists that are trained by the best Orthodontic
there is in the country and boast of vast experience that’s
indispensable in administering oral treatment procedures.

As a clinic, we also understand that the orthodontic industry is constantly changing. So, to better our services, our team of orthodontists in Alpharetta is continually engaged in expanding their knowledge and skills by furthering their education and attending crucial orthodontic meetings and seminars.

To us, orthodontics is not all about treating patients’
teeth and letting them go.

We walk with the patient through every step of the teeth correction process and witness as they transition to and embrace their new, beautiful and gorgeous smile.

Why Choose Our Orthodontics Alpharetta Services?

We Care For Your Pocket

Getting your teeth straightened is no doubt a great idea in boosting
your oral health but the thought of how much you’ll incur in the treatment
might sometimes scare you stiff. But with us, you don’t have to contemplate hard whether or not to have the procedure administered.

Our treatment packages are well designed to meet the needs of different dental problems in patients but come at reasonably cheaper costs. And  our payment options are very flexible to allow get through the process hassle-free.  

So if your teeth are not structured perfectly as you would want them to, just get in touch with us and we’ll discuss the cost  before we commence the treatment.

Alpharetta,  GA

If you want to find the right team for your orthodontics experience, turn to our professionals. We are ready to take any action possible in order to make you feel better about your everyday life.

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