Soft Tissue Laser Treatment in Alpharetta

When you meet someone for the first time, teeth will be one of the first parts of their face you notice. Many people wish that they were born with whiter or straighter teeth. Their confidence might be greatly influenced by a lack of better teeth or jaws. Or maybe they wish they had the appearance of better teeth so they could feel more confident and assured to speak to people more freely. My hope for the patients I work with is to have the freedom and ability to take hold of their life, their mouth, and their smile.

There are numerous treatments than can help to adjust gums or gum lines to ensure proper oral health and maintenance. Soft tissue laser treatment involves the use of lasers to correct gums and adjust gums, misaligned teeth, all without any bleeding or pain. This technology is an incredible advancement in the field of orthodontics and oral health, and is currently being used by my team to help countless smiling clients each year. 


What is Soft Tissue Laser Treatment?

Top Choice Ortho offers cutting-edge laser treatment solutions. For this type of laser treatment, it involves a recontouring of the gums or the removal of gum tissue. The surgery then can be used to uncover a tooth, potentially covered by excessive gum tissue surrounding it. Additionally, the laser treatment can be used to reduce the gum lines should a patient’s mouth contain a great deal of gum tissue in their front-facing teeth.

This new type of oral laser surgery is truly monumental for the field and we are highly skilled and experienced with this procedure. The laser treatment is ideal for the orthodontic surgeons as well as the patients because compared to a traditional operation, the treatment involves no bleeding. Also, as compared to a traditional procedure, laser treatment involves no pain for the patient either. This advancement in oral medicine has resulted in a major step forward in offering patients with more comfort and faster turnaround times when coming in for the procedure. This also involves faster recovery times for the patients undergoing the surgery while receiving a more precise medical procedure thanks to the benefits of lasers in medicine.

How Does This Treatment Work?

While the thought of a laser being used near a mouth may seem intimidating, it is important to note why there is no need to worry. All you need is to understand why lasers are the best possible option for a gum or mouth procedure. First off, asers are one of the greatest advancements in medical technology for their ability to be very adaptable to different types of orthodontic health procedures. Also, lasers can deliver more precise actions compared to the human hand (or human error) and decrease the recovering and treatment times patients must endure.

For these types of treatments, there is rarely a need for a numbing injection. These injections can be quite painful and are often used during normal dental work. However, thanks to our laser technology, there is only the use of a numbing gel agent to the area surrounding the gel. Patients report very minimal pain in their mouth and often equate the post-procedure sensation to the feeling you receive from burning an area of gum tissue from hot liquids or food.

Following the procedure, patients will need only a few days to recover, specifically for the gum tissue and surrounding tissue to heal. As mentioned above, there is rarely any bleeding associated with this treatment, thanks to the great precision of the lasers to significantly eliminate any damage to the surrounding area of the gums and mouth. Lasers are a fantastic method for sealing open wounds and nerve endings while lowering trauma to the area under surgery.

Several Types of Soft Tissue Treatments

There are several different types of tissue laser treatments which are important to note when reviewing which type of solution could be most beneficial for you and your mouth. For some patients, the teeth’s gum lines might extend over the teeth, such as over the front-facing teeth. This can make the teeth look disproportional to the rest of the mouth and make a patient feel uncomfortable when smiling or talking. One type of laser treatment, referred to as Gingival Recontouring, can effectively recontour the gum line to decrease the amount of gum over the teeth and even out the patient’s gum lines.

Another type of laser treatment involves using lasers to release impacted teeth. Impacted teeth are ones which have failed to clear the gum line and are effectively trapped under the tissue. Left untreated, impacted teeth can lead to jaw misalignments, infections, or pain relative to where other teeth are located in the jaw.

However, with a laser treatment medical solution, lasers can help the impacted tooth grow through the gum tissue and into the mouth, leading to a healthy jaw alignment. The released impacted teeth following the laser treatment will probably need to be aligned by an Orthodontic Specialist. However, laser treatment significantly decreases the waiting time and allows the specialist to attend to the tooth immediately following the laser treatments.

Top Choice Ortho Is the Best Service Provider for Laser Treatments

A smile is so important in meeting and greeting people. They can bring a warm, inviting and happy expression to a face compared to mispositioned jaws or teeth. At Top Choice Ortho, we are dedicated to dramatically enhancing your oral health and well-being. Our team are committed to enhancing your self-confidence through our highly-skilled practice at each stage of your time with us.

From diagnosis and procedure to prevention and check-up, we ensure you are in the hands of leading orthodontic surgeons and experts at every step. Your smile is worth it, and we hope you will consider calling or visiting us today for a consultation.

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If you want to find the right team for your orthodontics experience, turn to our professionals. We are ready to take any action possible in order to make you feel better about your everyday life.

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