Temporary Anchorage Devices (TADs) in Alpharetta

The days of cumbersome headgears and painful elastics (rubber bands) are gone forever. We at Top Choice Ortho are you go to TAD providers. Our experts are concerned with your teeth being straight and you having the ultimate confidence to flash your smile. Our surgical experts are trained in the latest TADS procedures. Our goal is to give our patients the confidence to show their healthy, properly spaced teeth and confidently speak without worrying about showing crooked teeth and unwanted gaps in their mouths. We can solve all these problems for you. We offer the best TADS procedures available. Our goal is to give you the best smile that you have always dreamed of having.

Generally, people have these main fears when having any type of work done on their teeth or gums. Will it be a painful treatment to undergo? Will it hurt after the procedure is completed? In answer to those two very important questions we can say that the TAD procedure is relatively painless and it will take only minutes to insert the device in the mouth. We will apply a numbing substance around the area where the device will be inserted. Our patients have reported little use to take pain medications after the device is inserted. Also, we have found that our patients experience minimal pain during the procedure.  


What is a Temporary Anchorage Device? 

A temporary Anchorage Device is a screw type implant made of titanium alloy and it is a temporary device as the name expresses. They are inserted in the mouth and kept in place during the duration of the treatment. They have revolutionized the way the teeth are properly positioned. The need for external devices such as headgears and internal devices such as elastics are no longer needed.

 It makes the process of moving misplaced teeth much easier and painless for our patients. The procedure can be performed in minutes, yes, minutes. Our expert surgical staff will have you open your mouth and in a wink of time the procedure is over. These types of temporary procedures are like dental implants which have been in existence since the 1970’s. The only difference is these temporary devices do not fuse into the bones like permanent implants do.

How Does The TAD Procedure Work?

A good example of how the procedure works can be taken from the natural world. Envision taking a stick of wood and forcibly moving it through sand. As the sand moves around the stick it will fill in the space that the previously removed sand has left. In the same way, we will move your teeth using a temporary anchorage device. The “sand” in this case are the bone cells and cells that make up the periodontal ligaments. These ligaments slowly move and reform positioning the teeth in their proper place. This is done by force being applied by orthodontic devices such as braces. But for the teeth to move successfully the braces need to have an anchorage point to push against. This is where the TAD device comes into play. It offers that strong anchoring point for the braces to push against so they will move the teeth into their proper positioning.

We have used other teeth as the anchoring points in the past, but there is a weakness with this treatment. We have found that the teeth will move with the other teeth due to the teeth not being strong enough to be anchoring points for the braces. The braces would apply too much pressure to the anchoring teeth and they would end up moving as well. This is why we recommend to our patients to have the TAD procedure performed. We will screw the device into the jaw bone and this will supply enough stability for the teeth to move safely and painlessly.

Are there Different types of TADS?

This is the beauty of this device there is only device manufactured. So, this takes the complication and stress out of trying to decide which device will work for you. Another benefit is there will not be varying costs for different devices. We will perform the procedure one way and the same way for every single one of our patients. You will not have to worry about paying hidden costs for unknown parts of this procedure. We will explain the procedure to you and we will discuss the expenses clearly and openly. We will not spring any hidden costs on you we will tell you the exact costs up front.

Headgears have been used in the past to supply that anchoring point as we said before but there are definite drawbacks to using these external devices as the anchoring points. Wearing headgears can cause pain and they are cumbersome to apply. We have found that trying to get our patients to comply with wearing the headgears can prove to be difficult. The TAD device is a painless and quick procedure that requires little time to insert and it is a painless treatment.

Maintaining The TAD Device

There is little to maintain with a TAD device because all our patients have to do is brush with a soft bristle toothbrush twice a day.

The toothbrush is dipped into an antimicrobial solution. The device is not intrusive and it will not affect eating or cleansing the teeth. Our patients have told us they felt a slight pressure when the device is screwed into their jaw bone. It is one of the simplest procedures we perform on our patients.

Why Choose Top Choice Ortho?

Why should you choose our professional orthodontic practice to meet your needs? We will sit down with you from the beginning of the procedure to the end and explain every step in between of the TAD procedure. We offer reasonable prices and we have a highly trained staff that is trained in the latest TAD procedures. We make it a point to stay updated on all the latest technology in the field.

You may have confidence that we will be sensitive to your concerns and needs throughout the treatment process. We treat you with respect and we will make you feel right at home throughout the process. We offer the finest equipment and facilities to provide you with the finest orthodontic services available. We take care to perform the procedure right the first time so you will have the peace of mind to know you will not have to keep coming back for unnecessary adjustments to your TAD device. Contact us for a quote today. We are here to take care of all your orthodontic needs

Alpharetta,  GA

If you want to find the right team for your orthodontics experience, turn to our professionals. We are ready to take any action possible in order to make you feel better about your everyday life.

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